How to Upload Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts In 7 Easy Steps

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Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Apr 6, 2024 )

Apple Podcasts is one of the most popular podcast distribution platforms in the world, providing millions of listeners with access to over half a million shows.

If you're wondering how to get your own show on Apple Podcasts, you've come to the right place!

In this article, we'll take you through every step of the process, from setting up your RSS feed to submitting your show for review and beyond.

We'll also discuss the importance of Apple Podcasts for growing your audience and what to do if your podcast submission gets rejected.

Whether you're a seasoned podcaster looking to expand your reach or a beginner just starting out, this guide will provide you with valuable insights, tips, and best practices to help you navigate the world of Apple Podcasts.

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Why is Apple Podcasts So Critical for Growing Your Audience?

Apple podcast rss feed use url apple podcasts connect dashboard - apple id required to login to account

Apple Podcasts is one of the most popular podcast platforms in the space, boasting millions of listeners worldwide.

By uploading your podcast to Apple Podcasts, you're giving your show a chance to reach a wider audience, gain new subscribers, and grow your listener base.

But that's not all — there are several reasons why Apple Podcasts can play a crucial role in your podcast's growth and success:

  • High visibility: Apple Podcasts is the default podcast app on all iOS devices, which means it has a massive built-in user base. This high visibility can lead to increased organic discovery for your podcast as users browse and search for new shows.
  • Impact on podcast rankings: Many podcast directories, including the popular apps Overcast and Pocket Casts, pull their data from Apple Podcasts. By having your show listed on Apple Podcasts, you're increasing your chances of being discovered on these platforms as well.
  • Listener engagement and reviews: Apple Podcasts allows users to leave ratings and reviews, which can help boost your podcast's credibility and attract more listeners. Positive reviews and a high star rating can influence potential listeners to give your show a try.
  • Influence on advertisers and sponsors: Many advertisers and sponsors look at a podcast's presence on Apple Podcasts when deciding where to invest their marketing dollars. By having a strong showing on this platform, you're demonstrating that your podcast has a wide reach and is worthy of investment.

Before we show you how to upload your show to Apple Podcasts, lets briefly talk about RSS feeds, what they are, why you need one, and how to obtain it.

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS feed is a crucial element of podcast distribution. It's basically a file that contains all the information about your podcast, like episode details, cover art, and show notes.

Podcast directories like Apple Podcasts use your RSS feed to display your show and automatically update with new episodes.

Setting up an RSS feed is a relatively simple process, and here's how you can do it:

Choose a podcast hosting platform: In order to create an RSS feed, you'll first need a podcast hosting platform. This is where your audio files and metadata will be stored.

Popular options include Libsyn, Buzzsprout, and Anchor. When selecting a hosting platform, consider factors such as storage space, bandwidth, and pricing.

Create your podcast profile: Once you've chosen a hosting platform, you'll need to create a profile for your podcast.

This includes filling in all the necessary details about your show, such as the title, description, category, and language.

Upload your podcast episodes: With your profile set up, you can now start uploading your podcast episodes.

Add your audio files and complete the metadata for each episode, like the title, description, and any relevant tags. Make sure to include detailed and engaging show notes to entice potential listeners.

Configure your podcast settings: After uploading your episodes, configure your podcast's settings according to your preferences.

This may include selecting your show's language, content rating, and any explicit content warnings.

Obtain your RSS feed link: Once you've completed the steps above, your hosting platform will generate an RSS feed link for your podcast.

This is the link you'll use to submit your show to podcast directories like Apple Podcasts. Make sure to keep this link handy and safe, as it's essential for distributing your show.

With your RSS feed set up, you're now ready to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, opening the door to a world of listeners eager to discover your work.

Seven Easy Steps for Uploading Your Show to Apple Podcasts

Upload podcast artwork on podcast hosting platform

1. Make sure you have a podcast host

Before you can upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts, you'll need to have your show hosted on a podcast hosting platform (as mentioned earlier).

2. Make sure your cover art meets Apple Podcasts specifications

Apple Podcasts requires that your cover art be a minimum of 1400x1400 pixels and a maximum of 3000x3000 pixels, in JPEG or PNG format, and under 0.5 MB in size.

Make sure your artwork meets these requirements otherwise your submission might get rejected!

3. Obtain the RSS link of your podcast from your host

Copy the RSS feed link generated by your podcast hosting platform.

4. Create an account with Apple Podcasts Connect

Head over to Apple Podcasts Connect and sign in with your Apple ID. If you don't have one, you'll need to create one first.

5. Add a new show to Apple Podcasts Connect

Once logged in, click on the "+" button to add a new show.

6. Paste the RSS feed for your podcast

Paste your podcast's RSS feed link into the provided field and click "Validate.

7. Submit your podcast for review

After validating your RSS feed, you'll see a preview of your podcast. Double-check all the information, and if everything looks good, hit "Submit" to send your podcast for review.

What Happens After You Get Accepted?

Once your podcast is approved by Apple Podcasts (which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days), your show will be live on the platform, and listeners can start subscribing and downloading your episodes. Congrats!

After your show goes live, you'll want to keep an eye on your podcast's performance.

Apple Podcasts Connect provides analytics data that can help you understand your audience better, like the number of subscribers, total listens, and average listening duration.

Use this information to tweak your podcast and make it even more appealing to your target audience.

What Happens If You Get Rejected?

Don't worry if your show gets rejected by Apple Podcasts. It happens more than you think! Fortunately, it's usually due to some minor issues that you can easily fix.

Common reasons for rejection include not meeting the cover art specifications, having broken links in your show notes, or using copyrighted content without permission.

If your podcast is rejected, Apple Podcasts will provide you with a reason for the rejection. Address the issue(s) and resubmit your podcast for review.

Keep in mind that you might need to wait for a short period before you can resubmit.

Wrapping Things Up

In this article, we've walked you through the entire process of uploading your show to Apple Podcasts.

Now, it's essential to follow these steps carefully and ensure that your podcast meets their requirements to increase your chances of approval and success on the platform.

By leveraging Apple Podcasts' massive reach and influence, you'll open up a world of opportunities for growing your audience, attracting new subscribers, and even potentially monetizing your podcast in the future!

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