Email Marketing Tools

Email is the most cost effective way to market  to your visitors. In fact, email marketing tools are not just inexpensive but also they have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry

What Tools Do I Need to Market to My Visitors?

To set up an email marketing strategy that generates solid results, you’ll need three types of tools (Note: some providers offer more expensive solutions that combine multiple tools):

1- Lead Generation Software

The first piece of your marketing puzzle is lead generation.

In order to capture your visitor’s emails you'll need to use a lead generation tool that will display an opt-in page, side panel or popup on top of your website pages offering a lead magnet in exchange for their email address.

This tool must be integrated with a bulk email service (see below) so that each email can be added to a database of visitors that can then be segmented according to interest.

2- Bulk Email Services

Once an email has been captured, you’ll need a bulk email service that'll place each visitor inside an email campaign, depending on criteria that you'll establish according to your marketing needs.


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For example, you may use two different lead magnets, one for visitors interested in your smartphone photography blog posts and another one for visitors interested in your DSLR camera blog posts. In this case each group of visitors will be placed on a different campaign.

Each campaign can then be programmed to send each group of visitors drip emails in order to nurture your relationship and build trust over time. Once you’ve banked enough trust, you can then begin to promote specific offers to each group with the goal of monetizing them.

3- Marketing Automation Tools

If you want to add a layer of sophistication to your bulk emails, you can incorporate a marketing automation tool that’ll allow you to add rules and workflows to track your visitors’ online behavior and take the appropriate actions.

For example, once a visitor’s email is captured, these tools will place a cookie on their device that will monitor what specific pages or posts they're visiting on your website.

You can then create a rule to tag a visitor who lands on one of your product pages as “low hanging fruit” and then have the tool send you a notification so that you can email them an FAQ about that specific product or other marketing/sales outreach information.

Or you can create a workflow with some basic programming logic so that if visitors check out product A they'll get sent to a sequence of emails specific to that product and if they check out product B they'll get sent a different email sequence.

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