Traffic Boosting Tools

“Search-engine algorithms are the gatekeepers of your traffic. In order to rank high on search results, you need optimization tools with direct access to search-engine user data

What Are the Best Optimization Tools to Boost my Traffic?

When it comes to priming search engines to favor your pages, there are three categories of tools to consider:

1- Competitor Spying Tools

This group of powerful tools allows you to get deep into your competitors’ strategies by spying on their online activities.

For example, some tools let you to reverse engineer your competitors' entire blogging strategy, allowing you to find out every single keyword they’ve ever written about and how their sites are performing in terms of traffic generation.

They also allow you to see who’s ranking on the keywords that you’re planning to target, so if your competition is strong (high domain authority) you can stay away from them and if it’s weak (low domain authority) you can proceed with confidence.

2- Keyword Research Tools

The entire online journey begins with someone doing a search on their browser. In fact, Google alone processes billions of searches every day.


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The main currency of search engines is the keyword phrase that users enter when they do a search. Whether your site ranks for these keywords or not will determine your success or failure in the online income generation world.

Keyword research tools are your back door to this immense wealth of user data. With the right tools you’ll not only be able to figure out which keyword phrases in your niche drive the most traffic but also what are your competitors’ most and least profitable keywords.

3- Search Engine Optimization Tools

In order to maximize the traffic you receive, your website needs to be optimized for search engines to make sure that you're complying with their best practices.

SEO tools allow you to run regular compliance audits on your site, do back-linking analysis, check for broken links, track how your domain and your keywords rank over time and help you optimize your content pages and posts.

Here are the traffic-boosting tools we recommend:

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