Writesonic Review 2024: Is It The Best AI Writer?

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Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Apr 6, 2024 )

Are you looking for an AI writing assistant that can take your content from good to great? Look no further than Writesonic — one of the top-3 content marketing tools of 2023.

With its advanced GPT3-based technology and large roster of features, Writesonic is revolutionizing the way people write, edit and publish content.

In this quick review, we'll analyze how Writesonic works, determine whether it's right for you, answer some frequently asked questions about the product and more!

Disclosure: Although I receive affiliate compensation at no additional cost to you to support this site that compensation in no way influences my recommendations, which are strictly informed by my 10+ years of online business experience consulting for clients large and small. My aim is to always recommend tools that offer the best return for your investment (for more details, read my Affiliate Disclosure). 

So let’s dive in…

Writing articles and social media posts

First, The Bottom Line

Writesonic Pros:

  • Modern, well-designed user interface

  • Large variety of AI templates

  • Continuously rolling out new features

  • Very fast content creation

  • Chatsonic (similar to the popular ChatGPT)

  • Photosonic (AI image creator)

Writesonic Cons:

  • Not as good as Jasper for long-form content quality, but not far behind 

  • Not enough integrations as other competitors

  • Free plan has limited word count, only good for 2 or 3 long-form articles

How Does Writesonic Work?

Writesonic is a comprehensive AI writing assistant designed to help businesses, bloggers and marketers create quality content at scale without having to hire writers.

It uses a GPT3-based algorithm to generate human-like writing through the use of neural networks trained with hundreds of millions of pages from the Internet.

All Writesonic requires from the user is some basic information, a short brief of sorts, in order to create original short-form or long-form text.

Here’s an example where I instructed Writesonic to create a Facebook ad for a body building supplement:

Write articles with Writesonic support

Who Is Writesonic Good For?

Writesonic is great for anyone who wants to speed up their content creation game without having to hire writers.

It's perfect for marketers, eCommerce sites, websites, bloggers, writers and even non-writers who need to create high quality content in a short amount of time.

This AI writing assistant makes it super simple to make sure your content is always engaging and on point.

Having said that, Writesonic does require editing and it’s seldom ready to use as-is. But what it does do is cut down your content ideation and creation time in half.

User Interface

Writesonic’s user interface is very modern and user friendly. All input fields come with useful placeholder text to guide you — here’s an example of an AI template used to create original paragraphs for articles, blog posts, essays or any other type of nonfiction writing:

Content written by a professional writer

Writesonic’s AI Templates

Writesonic templates using Google search

The Writesonic user interface is driven by AI templates tailored to different use cases. Of all its competitors, this tool offers the most extensive library of templates by a long shot.

Writesonic’s AI templates are grouped as follows: Article and Blogs, Ads and Marketing, General Writing, Ecommerce, Social Media, Website Copy, and Other.

Here is the complete list of available use-case templates, with a brief explanation for each:

Article And Blogs

  • AI Article Writer 4.0: Create up to 3,000-word SEO-friendly blog articles in 3 steps. Choose keywords, tone, CTAs, POV, and length

  • AI Article Writer 3.0: Create up to 1,500-word articles in four steps with a guided process. You can choose title, intro, and outline, and customize them as needed

  • Paragraph Writer: Write structured paragraphs that are easy to read and packed with persuasive words

  • Instant Article Writer: Generate 1,500-word articles with one click. This is an automated process, so your title must be very precise

  • Sonic Editor: With minimum input requirements, write quality long-form content of any length

  • Content Rephrase: Rephrase your content in a different voice and style to appeal to different readers

  • Article Rewriter: Copy an article, paste it into the program, and have an entirely different article to read with one click

  • AI Article Ideas: Create article/blog introductions that capture the attention of your audience

  • AI Article Intros: Generate introductions for blog posts

  • AI Article Outlines: Create detailed article outlines at the push of a button

  • Conclusion Writer: Write conclusive copy that will make a reader take action

  • Paragraph Writer V2: Write short, punchy paragraphs to turn readers into customers

Ads And Marketing Tools

  • Facebook Ads: Write copy for multiple Facebook ads in near real time

  • LinkedIn Ads V2: Write eye-catching ads to attract the right audience into your lead magnet

  • Google Ad Titles V2: Create ads with unique and appealing titles to entice people to click on your ad

  • Google Ad Descriptions V2: Create Google ad description copy to convert visitors faster

  • App and SMS Notifications: Create notification messages for your apps, websites, and mobile devices

  • Google Ads: Write quality ads that rank in the search results and drive more traffic

  • LinkedIn Ad Descriptions: Create LinkedIn ad descriptions that’ll make your product stand out

  • LinkedIn Ad Headlines: Create high-converting ad headlines for Linkedin

General Writing

  • ChatSonic (Like ChatGPT): A chatbot like ChatGPT but with real-time data, images & voice search

  • Text Extender: Extend short sentences into more descriptive and interesting ones

  • Company Bios V2: Write company bios that help connect with your target audience

  • Content Rephrase: Rephrase your content in a different voice and style to appeal to different readers

  • Quora Answers: Answers to Quora questions that will position you as an authority

  • Content Shortener: Shorten your content in a new voice and style to appeal to different readers

  • Stories: Create engaging and persuasive stories to capture your reader's attention and interest

  • Bullet Point Answers: Create precise and informative bullet points that provide quick and valuable answers to your customers' questions

  • Passive to Active Voice: Convert your passive voice sentences into active voice sentences at the push of a button

  • Definition: Create a definition for a word, phrase, or acronym that's used often by your target buyers

  • Answers: Generate instant, quality answers to any questions or concerns that your audience might have

  • Pros and Cons: List the main benefits versus the most common problems and concerns for a product

  • Questions: A tool to create engaging questions and polls that increase audience participation and engagement

  • Emails V2: Write professional-looking emails that help you engage with leads and customers

  • Rewrite With Keywords: Rewrite your existing content to include more keywords and boost your search engine rankings

  • Cold Emails: Personalized email outreach to your target prospects that get better results

  • Email Subject Lines: Powerful email subject lines that increase open rates

  • Cold Emails V2: Personalized email outreach to your target prospects that get better results

  • Company Mission: A clear and concise statement of your company's goals and purpose

  • Company Vision: A vision that attracts the right people, clients, and employees


  • Product Descriptions: Original product descriptions that will compel, inspire, and influence 

  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headline: Create Amazon ad headlines that’ll increase your conversion rate

  • Amazon Product Descriptions: Descriptions for Amazon products that improve your ranking on search results

  • Amazon Product Features: Write feature lists for your products

  • Amazon Product Titles: Create titles to make your product stand out from the crowd

Social Media

  • Twitter Threads: A series of tweets that will hold readers' attention and lead them to a conversion

  • LinkedIn Posts V2: Inspiring LinkedIn posts that will help you build trust and authority in your industry

  • Instagram Captions: Captions that turn your images into attention-grabbing Instagram posts

  • Twitter Tweets: Generate tweets using AI, that are relevant and on-trend

  • Trending Instagram Hashtags: Write catchy and trendy Instagram hashtags

  • YouTube Descriptions V2: Write catchy YouTube descriptions that rank on search results

  • YouTube Intros V2: Create catchy YouTube intros that will hook viewers

  • Youtube Hooks: Generate catchy Youtube hooks to make your video stand out

  • TikTok Video Scripts: Create TikTok video scripts that are ready to shoot

  • TikTok Video Hooks: Generate TikTok video hooks to get more views and followers

  • Short LinkedIn Posts: Write short LinkedIn posts that can be used as status updates or promoted to get more engagement

  • YouTube Ideas: Ready-made product video campaign ideas to use on YouTube

  • YouTube Outlines: Create engaging YouTube video outlines quickly

  • YouTube Titles: Create catchy YouTube titles to attract more views and increase the number of shares

  • Social Media Content Plan: A social media content plan that will help you create engaging content for your audience

Website Copy

  • Landing Pages: Tailored high-converting landing page copy that drive more leads, sales, and signups

  • Call to Action: Eye-catching calls to action that will encourage conversions and boost your sales

  • Feature to Benefit: Unique content that focuses on features to emphasize the benefits of your product or service

  • Landing Page Headlines: Unique and catchy headlines that are perfect for your product or service

  • SEO Meta Tags (Blog Post): A set of optimized meta title and meta description tags to boost your search rankings for your blog

  • SEO Meta Tags (Homepage): A set of optimized meta title and meta description tags to boost your search rankings for your home page

  • SEO Meta Tags (Product Page): A set of optimized meta title and meta description tags to boost your search rankings for your product pages


  • Tone Changer: Change the tone of your writing to match your audience and copy

  • Make your own AI: Train Writesonic to write exactly what you want

  • Song Lyrics: Unique song lyrics that will be perfect for your next track

  • Text Summary: Shortened text copy that summarizes the main ideas and most important details of your original text

  • Real estate listing descriptions: Write copy that makes your real-estate listings stand out from the crowd

  • Pain-Agitate-Solutions: The main formula for writing high-converting sales copy

  • Review Responder: Automatically generate personalized replies for both positive and negative reviews

  • AIDA Framework: Tried and tested formula of Attention, Interest, Desire, Action that is proven to convert

  • Product Names: Catchy and meaningful names that fit your product or service

  • Analogy Maker: Unique analogies that make your sales pitch more memorable and engaging

  • Growth Ideas: High-impact growth tactics to help your business grow

  • Keyword Extractor (English Only): Extract keywords from supplied content to use for SEO or content creation purposes

  • Listicle Ideas: Creative listicle ideas that are easy to write and perform well on social media

  • Startup Ideas: Generate great startup ideas

  • Translate: Translate your content into any language

In addition to the above templates, Writesonic has a number of value-added features to enhance its content-generation capabilities.

Below are some examples:


This feature generates original art based on a user-provided brief. The AI art can range from drawings and sketches to photo-realistic renderings.



This feature is Writesonic’s own implementation of the wildly popular ChatGPT:


When it comes to Chatsonic, the sky’s the limit when it comes to use-cases. For example, you can ask it to answer questions, write an analysis, draw, and even write code in your specified programming language.

The results won’t always be 100% correct (yet!) but they’ll be fairly accurate in most cases and require minimal corrections. And if you don’t like what you get, you can just keep trying until you get your desired result.

Plans & Pricing


Free Trial

The free plan is full-featured, but it’s capped at 6,250 words per month and a single user. This plan can be useful if you just write headlines and short product descriptions, but if you’re looking for long-form articles, you’ll find it quite limiting (you’ll be able to generate 2-3 articles/month at most.)

Long-form Plan

The long-form plan starts at $19/month (or $12.67/month if paid annually) for up to 47,500 words and a single user, scaling to $999/month (or $666/month if paid annually) for up to 5 million words and 15 users plus Surfer SEO integration and priority support.

Custom Plan

This plan is priced by quotation only and it’s meant for very large organizations with more than 15 users and custom word caps. With the custom plan, your organization will get a dedicated account manager.

Writesonic Alternatives

Is Writesonic AI the only AI writing assistant in town? Far from it!

Below are some of the most popular Writesonic competitors:

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is Writesonic?

Writesonic is reliable, but not necessarily accurate. Like all other writing assistants, you’ll quickly find out that AI-generated outputs will need to be fact-checked independently.

On average, AI-generated facts and figures are about 70% correct. The problem is that you just never know whether your output falls into the 70% bucket or the 30% one without doing your own fact-checking.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, Writesonic doesn’t have any hidden fees or hidden costs. This is a strictly metered tool with no surprises, provided you keep track of your monthly word count.

Does Writesonic integrate with other platforms?

Yes. Writesonic integrates with Surfer so you can make sure your content is SEO-compliant.

It also integrates with WordPress so you can publish content directly to your site as well as Zapier to publish content to thousands of apps supported by this giant of workflow automation.

Is there any customer support available on the basic plan?

Yes. Writesonic offers 24/7 customer support via live chat with an average wait time of 2 hours.

In Conclusion

Writesonic is an amazing content marketing tool that can help you create top-notch content quickly and easily.

In fact, it’s one of the leading contenders in the race for AI writing-assistant supremacy, constantly adding new features as this technology never ceases to evolve.

With all the above features at a great entry price point, Writesonic is certainly worth giving a try.

So, if you’re looking for a great automated writing assistant to help you speed up your content writing game, then Writesonic is definitely worth checking out.

Give it a free try today and see if it meets your content needs.

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