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Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Jan 18, 2023 )

Are freelance copywriting services too expensive for your budget? If so, you’re not alone. With rates averaging $0.15/word or $200 per article or higher for a skilled copywriter, it's difficult to afford a pro without deep pockets.

AI writing assistant tools can provide a solution to this problem. Whether you need content for traffic generation, marketing campaigns, ad creation or other copywriting needs, these tools will produce quality work with minimal effort on your part and without breaking your bank account.

In this article you’re going to learn about how AI writing assistant tools, like Jasper (review) and Rytr (review,) can save you time and money, starting today!

(Note: 90% of the above introduction plus the title of this article were auto generated by Jarvis, a leading AI writing assistant.)

Key Takeaways

  • AI writing tools are great for any organization that needs to generate quality content quickly and at a low cost. They are easy to use and a lot more affordable than copywriting services.
  • Choose an AI tool that's able to provide you with the type of content generation you need. Some specialize in blog post writing while others focus more on marketing and sales copy.
  • While AI writing tools will definitely speed up your content creation efforts, make sure you're aware of both their strengths and their weaknesses before you incorporate them into your workflow.

Disclosure: Although I receive affiliate compensation at no additional cost to you to support this site that compensation in no way influences my recommendations, which are strictly informed by my 10+ years of online business experience consulting for clients large and small. My aim is to always recommend tools that offer the best return for your investment (for more details, read my Affiliate Disclosure). 

Why Use AI Writing Assistants

AI writing assistants offer the perfect solution if you’re bootstrapping and can’t afford to hire a writer. Or, perhaps you need a large number of blog posts written per week so you can rank higher on search results.

But the advantages don’t stop there. You can also use these tools to:

  • Create email campaigns
  • Marketing headlines
  • Bullet points for opt-ins
  • Ad copy for Google and Facebook ads
  • Title and description HTML metadata.

If your business is unable to afford the rates that good copywriters are charging today, then AI writing assistants will definitely be of help.

In fact, these writing tools will allow you to level the playing field with much better resourced competitors!

How to Get Started With AI


The first thing you need to do is to select an AI copywriting tool. There are many choices out there, but you’ll want to make sure that the one you pick can handle your needs at a price you can afford.

Some tools focus on small businesses, startups and solopreneurs while others focus on enterprise-level clients and large content teams.

The best way to get started is to take these tools out for a spin and test them out with a sample of the type of copywriting that you need. Many of them offer a money back guarantee or a free trial.

So, say for example that you’re using the marketing strategy of answering a large number of Quora questions to gain visibility on the platform. You can then use an AI writing assistant to speed up the process.

Here are some results I just got from Jarvis to use in this article:

Question: How do AI writing assistants work?

Auto generated answer:


A pretty decent answer that I can easily build on. Here’s another example:

Question: How do I structure a how-to post?

Auto generated answer:


Not bad at all! Although some additional work is needed since the answers are not always 100% perfect, each took 3-5 seconds to generate.

Imagine how fast you could scale up your Quora strategy with a tool like this at your fingertips…

The Benefits of Using an AI Writing Assistant

AI writing assistants are great for any organization that needs to generate quality content quickly and at a low cost. They are super-easy to use and a lot more affordable than copywriting services.

While these tools may not be able to produce 100% perfect articles automatically yet, they're definitely a game changer for multiple business areas.

Here’s a sample of the type of tasks that these tools are routinely used for:

(Note: in all cases, they require your guidance to get going — either by supplying a brief or a starting sentence)


Blog posts

AI writing assistants will allow you to generate blog topics to write about, your article’s title, the post’s outline, the introduction and conclusion as well as the intro paragraph for each one of your headings.


Here, you’ll be able to generate the subject line and the body.

Marketing copy (AIDA, PAS and BAB frameworks)

You’ll be able to generate the three most popular copywriting frameworks at the push of a button.

Google and Facebook ads

This includes headlines and descriptions for Google Ads and headlines and short or long form content for Facebook Ads.

Amazon listings

This is a great feature for writing compelling Amazon product listings in full from scratch.

YouTube descriptions

This is perfect for generating descriptions that rank high on user searches.

Quora answers

See above examples!

Real estate listings

Fully fleshed out real estate listings written to sell, generated in seconds.

Press releases

You can use your AI writing assistant to generate the title and introduction for your press releases.

Plus many more...

Depending on the tool you choose, there are even more specialized applications, from SMS messages to replies to common customer questions to knowledge base articles and even story writing.

The Drawbacks of Using AI Writing Assistants

Although AI writing tools have great benefits, they also come with a few disadvantages.

As of now (although this may change in the future) they cannot write creatively like a human copywriter.

That's not to say they cannot write compelling text — they definitely do. But they must have been previously trained to do so.

What this means is that you can’t expect these tools to come up with brand new material that has not been written about before.

What they will do, however, is to come up with cool or interesting angles so that the writing is fresh compared to current content on the internet.

In fact, top players like Jarvis, Copysmith and WordAI have been thoroughly tested with plagiarism tools and they always pass with flying colors.

But they still depend on you to provide some initial guidance. So be aware that the “garbage in/garbage out” adage applies here.

Lack of expertise

Another important drawback is that while AI writing assistants are very capable at putting great-sounding sentences together, they have no expertise whatsoever in any particular subject.

In other words, they have no specialization like human experts do. So, never use these tools to write about a topic unless you’re yourself an expert and have the ability to make the necessary corrections when they deviate from the truth.

Finally, AI writers can sometimes repeat themselves, so if the first thing that comes out is unusable or not good enough, keep generating new outputs until you get the best one for your needs.

For example, to come up with the answers to the above two Quora questions I had to try between 4 and 8 times before I found something I could work with.

Having said that, each trial only took between 3-5 seconds to generate, so we're talking less than a minute in total.

What to Look Out for When Choosing an AI Writing Assistant


The first thing to look out for when choosing an AI writing assistant is that it is unmetered.

In other words, you want to have total freedom to generate new content at the push of a button without having to worry about how many words you generate.

Now, unmetered plans cost a much more in the near term than metered ones, but in the long term they cost a lot less, especially if you match plans word by word.

The second thing to look out for is that the AI tool you choose is able to provide you with the type of content generation you need.

For example, some tools are better at blog writing, some are better for ad copywriting, some are better for SMS messaging, and so on.

Check my comprehensive list of available tools and check out their features to see if they fit your requirements.

The third thing to look out for is to see if they offer grammar and spelling checker functionality.

For example, some integrate with solutions like Grammarly, some have their own built-in solution and some don’t have this capability at all.

Wrapping things up

Now you have the lay of the land when it comes to AI writing assistants.

When used well, they can be a game changer that’ll save you thousands of dollars in saved writer outsourcing costs, plus being a relatively new technology, they're likely to get better over time.

Just make sure you're aware of their strengths and weaknesses and do a lot of testing so you become accustomed to the new workflow.

For example, by using my preferred AI writer (Jarvis, as you know by now 🙂 I was able to create this very article in about a third of the time it would have taken me to write it from a completely blank slate.

This includes the article's title, most of the intro, almost all the sub-headings and the initial angle for each section.

That’s what I mean when I say game-changing!

Give these tools a try (most offer money-back guarantees and some offer limited free trials) and see if they fit the needs of your organization.

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