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Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Feb 3, 2024 )

Frase IO is a breakthrough AI content generation tool designed to help writers and marketers create articles that rank high on search engines, by combining AI text generation with search-engine optimization.

In short, Frase IO has brought together a full-featured AI writer like Jasper with an AI-driven SEO research and analysis tool like Surfer into a single tool.

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So buckle up and let's dive in deep into the world of Frase IO!

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First, The Bottom Line

Frase IO Pros:

  • Easy to use interface

  • Produces search engine optimized content right out of the box, without having to integrate with third-party SEO tools, like Surfer

  • To help optimize your content, it picks up relevant questions from articles on the first page of search results, Google’s People also ask feature, Quora, and Reddit

  • Displays important SEO statistics from the first page of search results for your target keyword, including average quantity and type of headings, average word count, and average number of images.

  • Offers over a dozen AI templates for different use cases (more details later)

Frase IO Cons:

  • Not as good as competing tools for long-form content generation

  • No free account (they do offer a 5-day $1 trial but you’ll need to enter your credit card details and cancel before the trial period runs out to prevent recurring charges)

  • Optimization is only supported for 8 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Danish)

How Does Frase IO Work?

Frase IO has merged two tools into one. The first tool is a GTP3-powered AI writing assistant that produces human-like text automatically based on user prompts.

This content is generated through predictive machine learning, where a neural network was trained by reading millions of internet pages to learn how to write text like a human, using the training data to adjust billions of “dials” to fine-tune the output.

In addition, Frase IO integrates some pretty cool SEO features so that your AI content can be optimized through key SEO parameters scraped from the first page of search results.

The end result is AI-powered content that’s optimized to rank well on search engines.

Who Is Frase IO Good For?

Frase IO is perfect for anyone who wants to scale their SEO-driven content marketing output without having to hire an army of writers trained on SEO.

Bloggers, eCommerce sites, SaaS companies and any other online business that depends on website traffic to generate revenue should be able to use a small core of in-house writers to ramp up their content marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

User Interface

Frase IO interface is designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind:

create content, creating content with google search console integration

Also, all Frase IO plans are full-featured--the only limitation being how many articles you can optimize per month:

target search query in google search console for organic traffic

The above features allow you to produce AI-generated content, optimize it for search engines, use team collaboration and reporting tools to share content-creation tasks, and score your content to rank high on search engines.

Frase IO Templates

Below are some of the most popular Frase IO content creation templates available out of the box. Frase IO also makes a large number of community templates available to all users, plus it gives you the ability to custom-create your own:


  • SEO meta titles

  • SEO meta descriptions

  • Sections to use for featured snippets

Blog Writing

  • Blog introduction

  • Listicle generator

  • Paragraph finisher

  • Paragraph for heading

  • Blog conclusion


  • Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA Framework)

  • Feature - Benefit

  • Metaphor/Analogy

  • Problem Agitate Solution (PAS Framework)

  • Product description


  • Paragraph compression

  • Summary bullets


  • Questions & Answers

  • Content rephraser

Plans & Pricing

relevant topics in content brief

All Frase IO plans are capped at 4,000 AI words per month, which is not much for long-form content creation, but you can upgrade any plan to unlimited words with a $35/month add-on.

Solo Plan

The Solo plan ($14.99/month if paid monthly or $12.66/month if paid annually) is full-featured, but it’s capped at 4 articles per month and a single user seat.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan ($44.99/month if paid monthly or $38.25/month if paid annually) is capped at 30 articles per month, also with a single user seat.

Team Plan

Finally, the Team plan ($114.99/month if paid monthly or $97.75/month if paid annually) allows unlimited article creation and optimizations per month for 3 users, with extra seats costing an additional $25/month.

Frase IO Alternatives

Is Frase IO the only AI solution in town? Far from it!

Below are some of the most popular Frase IO competitors:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get started with Frase IO?

Yes, the user interface is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, even for users with limited experience in content writing.

Can I use Frase IO for SEO optimization?

Yes, the software can help you optimize your content for improved search engine rankings right out of the box, without having to integrate with a third-party tool like Surfer.

Does Frase IO have a free plan?

No, but it does offer a 5-day trial for just $1.

What kind of support does Frase IO offer?

For all listed plans, Frase IO only offers email support via trouble ticket. Enterprise clients (priced by quotation only) get premium support and a dedicated account rep.

In Conclusion

Frase IO is a powerful SEO content creation and optimization tool that’s perfect for content creators who want to increase their search engine visibility without having to integrate a separate third-party SEO tool.

Like any new approach, at the end of the day the best way to see if Frase IO works for you is to take it for a test drive--and the five-day $1 trial is hard to resist.

Give it a try and see if it can help you speed up your content creation and rank your content higher on search engine results.

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