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Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Jan 9, 2023 )

Are you having a case of blogging overwhelm? Is it hard to find the time to write fresh content day in and day out with the fear that sooner or later you’ll run out of ideas? Well… you're not alone!

A lot of people feel this way when they start blogging. But don't worry — there are tools out there that can help you overcome this overwhelm and make blogging a breeze.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the use of AI writing tools and how they can help you eliminate blogging overwhelm and writer’s block to turbocharge your content creation output.

Key Takeaways

  • AI writing tools can help you eliminate blogging overwhelm by helping you to quickly and easily create high-quality content for your blog.
  • These tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help you come up with topic ideas, structure your content and polish your writing.
  • There are 6 key benefits of AI writing tools: increased creativity, ultra-fast drafts, improved quality, time and energy saving, increased throughput, and content ideation.

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What Are AI Writing Tools and How Can They Help Eliminate Blogging Overwhelm

AI writing tools can help you eliminate blogging overwhelm by helping you to quickly and easily create high-quality content for your blog. These tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help you come up with topic ideas, structure your content and polish your writing.

In fact, they're trained to write in the same way that computers were taught to play chess and beat grand masters — by learning repeatedly from the pros.

By reading and analyzing millions of writing samples from professional writers, they’ve been able to emulate human writing to the point that feels natural to a reader and is also original (they're basically plagiarism proof.)

Using AI writing tools can help you overcome the sense of overwhelm that's often associated with blogging by helping you produce all the foundational pieces you need to create your article in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of Using AI Writing Tools to Help With Blog Content Creation

When you’re staring at a blinking cursor, trying to come up with the next blog post idea, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You want to write something helpful, interesting, and engaging for your readers but you don’t know where to begin.

Well, here are 6 key benefits of AI writing tools that can help you jump start your creative juices, vaporizing your stress in the process!

  1. Increased creativity: AI writing tools help you come up with new and interesting topics to write about, which helps keep your blog fresh and engaging for your readers
  2. Ultra-fast drafts: AI writing tools can generate entire first drafts for you to build on in a matter of minutes
  3. Improved quality: AI writing tools can help you rewrite poorly worded content making it much better
  4. Time and energy savings: AI writing tools can help you save a lot of time and energy so you have more resources to focus on other aspects of your business
  5. Increased throughput: AI writing tools can help you produce more content in a shorter amount of time
  6. Content ideation: AI writing tools can help you come up with new ideas for content that would otherwise take a lot of effort to conceive on your own.

How to Use AI Writing Tools to Create Entire Blog Posts

There are a number of AI writing tools available that can help you quickly and easily create entire blog posts. Let’s work through an example to see how your content creation workflow can be accelerated with the use of these tools.

In order to write a blog post, you need 5 basic elements:

  • A topic 
  • A title
  • An introduction
  • The post’s outline
  • A conclusion

The Topic

Let’s write a blog post about "kitchen appliances" making use of Jasper.ai, a leading AI writing tool, to generate the above five building blocks, starting with the topic.

Using Jasper’s Blog Post Topic Ideas AI template, we’re going to supply it with five inputs to provide the tool with some initial guidance:

Company Name (this is the name of your blog or site): Modern Kitchen Appliances

Product Description: This is a blog about the most advanced kitchen appliances on the market

Audience: Home owners

Tone of voice: Helpful

Examples: How to choose a gas range

And now, let’s get some cool topic ideas for our new article:


Excellent. Here are 5 great topic ideas to choose from. In fact, you could generate as many topic ideas as you need to fill an entire content calendar in under 5 minutes!

The Title

Next, we’re going to pick one of the topic ideas from the above list (#3) and we’re going to run it through Jasper's Perfect Headline AI template to come up with an alluring title. Here are the required inputs:

Product description (our topic): Kitchen Hood Buying Guide

Company/Product name (the name of our blog): Modern Kitchen Appliances

Customer avatar: Home Owners

Tone of Voice: Witty

And here is the AI output:


All solid options to give you some flexibility on the angle of attack.

The Introduction

Now, it’s time to unleash the creativity of AI to generate an intro paragraph that we can then build on. For this purpose we’re going to use Jasper’s Blog Post Intro Paragraph AI template with the second title from the above list.

The inputs are as follows:

Blog post title: The Best Kitchen Hood for Every Budget

Audience: Home Owners

Tone of voice: Helpful

And here’s the AI Intro:


Not bad at all, and generated in mere seconds! Of course you can rerun this template as many times as you want until you get the intro angle that inspires you the most.

The Outline

Now, let’s move on to the heart of our blog post: the outline. We’re going to use Jasper’s Blog Post Outline AI template by providing it the following two inputs:

Blog post title/topic: The Best Kitchen Hood for Every Budget

Tone of voice: Helpful

Let’s see what AI can do for us:


Pretty cool! All we need now to bring our blog post to a close is a concluding paragraph.

The Conclusion

In order to generate the post’s conclusion using AI, we’re going to use Jasper’s Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph template and supply it with the title and the outline from above as the answer to the following template question:

What are the main points or outline of your blog post?

  • The Best Kitchen Hood for Every Budget

  • Range Hoods for Every Budget

  • The Best Low-Budget Range Hoods

  • The Best Mid-Range Range Hoods

  • The Best High-End Range Hoods

  • How to Choose the Right Kitchen Hood for Your Home

Call to action: What budget do you have in mind? Let me know in the comments below

Tone of voice: Helpful

Here’s the AI-generated concluding paragraph:


Clearly, you could change the call to action to make it more or less interactive and then use the AI-generated conclusion text as a prompt to build on.

In short, by putting together the output from the five AI templates above, you can see how you’ll never have to create a blog post starting from a blank page ever again!

Tips For Adding AI Writing Tools To Your Blogging Workflow

As you can see above, AI is quite impressive with its human-like writing quality. But, it does have some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. Here are some useful tips so you can get the most out of these tools:

  • Be careful with facts and figures generated by AI. Sometimes AI gets facts right but a lot of times it doesn't and in some cases it’ll even make things up in order to fit the narrative. Always use them as placeholders to be replaced with properly curated data
  • AI does a great job generating text with human quality most of the time, but sometimes it gets a bit confused. If you don’t like the output you see the first time around, just keep clicking the Generate button until you get what you need, or combine several outputs into one
  • Finally, AI appears to write with the confidence of an expert, but in reality, it’s not designed to have any subject-matter expertise: it can clearly emulate the way a human writes but not the way a human thinks. So, always use AI in areas you already have expertise in and never use it to write about subjects you have little or no experience with

Wrapping Things Up

Using AI writing tools can be a great way to eliminate blogging overwhelm and help you quickly come up with high-quality content for your blog. By using these tools with your supervision and your input, you can save a lot of time creating content that’s both accurate and engaging.

To get the most out of AI writing tools, be sure to add them to your regular blogging workflow and experiment with different settings to find what works best for you. With a little practice, you'll be able to create entire blog posts in minutes using these helpful tools!

Note: By the way, just in case you’re wondering, this entire 1,500 word article was conceived in about ten minutes using Jasper.ai. I then put in about an hour of work to make it my own, edit it and proofread it and another thirty minutes to get all the screenshots together.
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