11 Best Postage Meters for Small Business in 2024

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Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Apr 5, 2024 )

If you're mailing a lot of letters to your customers and are trying to find the best postage meter for small business to automate the entire process, from sealing, to weighing, to metering, you've come to the right place.

With a global market size of $157million, automated postage meters are a very popular choice for enterprises of any size.

They offer a lot of benefits over processing multiple mail pieces by hand. For one, they speed up the entire mailing process saving you on costs.

They can also save your business time and money by giving you access to preferential commercial rates.

Now, there are a number of excellent postage meters available on the market, each with unique features, so it’s important that you take your time and do your research before making a final commitment.

In this article you'll find the 11 best postage meters for small business, fully ranked and reviewed plus recommendations to find out which one may be best suited to your needs, including a summary of the top 3 editor's picks below for your convenience:


Track sending activity in real-time and optimize mailing and shipping processes.


Manage your entire shipping directly from the Rollo app on your phone, tablet or computer.


Speeds of up to 75/110 letters per minute. Automatic or semi-automatic feeding.

Disclosure: Although I receive affiliate compensation at no additional cost to you to support this site that compensation in no way influences my recommendations, which are strictly informed by my 10+ years of online business experience consulting for clients large and small. My aim is to always recommend tools that offer the best return for your investment (for more details, read my Affiliate Disclosure). 

What are the Best Postage Meters for Small Businesses?

Best Overall:


PitneyBowes SendPro Mailstation postage meters are a great solution if you're looking for an easy to use, efficient, and private mailing system.

They're designed to maintain privacy by keeping your mailing information confidential, while also increasing efficiency by preparing your mail with minimal effort on your part.

PitneyBowes SendPro Mailstation makes it easy to make smarter shipping decisions by reducing your mailing costs.

SendPro Features that Stand Out

  • Navigate menus and select options with the device’s color touchscreen display
  • Automatically pay the correct amount and save 5¢ on First-Class® postage and up to 30% off Priority Mail
  • Save space with a modern, compact design that fits into any small business, even a home office
  • Accurately weigh large flats and envelopes up to 5 pounds with the integrated digital scale
  • Track postage spend with access to precise USPS mailing and shipping history
  • Reduce costly address correction fees and improve your delivery success rate
  • Track sending activity in real time and optimize your mailing and shipping processes

Best for Ease of Use:


Rollo Ship Manager makes it easy to manage and print shipping labels as well as keep track of all your packages. With Rollo Ship Manager you'll get discounted shipping rates, cutting your mailing costs substantially.

You can also use it to keep track of all your packages and print shipping labels. Rollo Ship Manager is a secure and easy way to manage your shipping needs.

If you need to ship products, documents, and other parcels from your premises in a cost-effective way, Rollo Ship Manager is definitely a postage solution worth considering.

Rollo Ship Manager Features that Stand Out

  • Compare discounted shipping rates with minimal effort on your part. Sort by cheapest, fastest, or allow Rollo Ship Manager to find the best option for you using artificial intelligence
  • One click printing is available from your any device. You can manage your entire shipping directly from the Rollo App on your phone, tablet or via your desktop computer
  • Rollo Ship Manager has leveraged its user base of more than 100,000 users to negotiate great commercial shipping rates, saving clients up to 90 percent off standard rates

Best for Large Runs:


The Formax Mint 410 is designed for large mail runs, automatically sealing, weighing, measuring, metering and stacking mail in minutes.

It can handle up to 12 inches of letter mail per minute and has a built-in conveyor belt for automatic stacking.

The Formax Mint 410 is perfect for businesses that send large quantities of mail regularly. It's fast, efficient, and can automate the entire process from start to finish.

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, this high volume mailing system will help you streamline your workflow and help you get more done in less time.

Formax Mint 410 Series Features that Stand Out

  • USPS-based Intelligent Mail Indicia
  • Automatic/semi-automatic feeding
  • Speed up to 75/110 letters per minute
  • 5 lb weighing platform
  • Envelope thickness up to 1/2"
  • Automatic rate change download

4. Quadient IN-360

Best for Small Offices

The IN-360 Desktop Franking Machine is a great option for small businesses or home offices that need to process a moderate volume of mail each day.

This machine can process up to 45 letters per minute and it features a mechanical envelope feed.

The IN-360 also has a 10-pound weighing platform and it can connect to an external scale for heavier mail pieces.

Plus, this machine uses standard PitneyBowes postage meters, so you can print 4-color logos or images on your envelopes.

Quadient IN-360 Features that Stand Out

  • Integrated scale automatically calculates the right price for you, so there's no risk of overpaying or risking surcharges
  • You can print your logo, an image, or a slogan on your envelopes and store up to 10 items that can be automatically printed in addition to the selected postage to give your company a professional image
  • NeoStats postage expense reporting keeps track of spend across up to 10 separate department or activity accounts. You can use your account to see your postage expenses at a glance
  • Wireless internet connection delivers the latest postal rates, software updates and custom graphics. Low Ink Alert notifies you your cartridge gets low so you never risk running out

5. EasyPost

Best for API Integration

Easypost is a complete shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. They offer a Shipping API, Tracking API and Address Verification API that are easy to use and can save you up to 88% on shipping costs.

Shipping API automates your shipping process by integrating with your existing systems.

Tracking API provides real-time tracking information for all major carriers, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more.

Address Verification API ensures that addresses are valid and deliverable, which saves you time and money.

EasyPost Features that Stand Out

  • Connect to and compare rates across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and dozens of others through a single integration
  • Save money and improve on-time delivery metrics with data-backed optimizations for every shipment
  • Enter your package details in the Create Label tool to easily print labels in minutes
  • Real-time shipment updates through custom branded tracking pages and webhook notifications
  • Confirm the accuracy of domestic and international addresses to improve deliverability
  • Protect your packages against damage, loss or theft across all carriers, service levels and countries

6. FP

Best for Lowering USPS Rates

FP Parcel Shipping is an easy to use step-by-step online shipping application that allows you to create shipping labels with tracking and qualify for lower USPS rates.

It also offers real-time tracking so you can see where your goods are going as they progress to their destination.

FP Features that Stand Out

  • Save over retail rates through commercial pricing. USPS® Commercial Plus Pricing saves up to 88% on Priority Mail®, up to 17% on Priority Mail® Express and up to 28% on First Class Packages
  • Manage and track packages with the search tracking dashboard. Plus, FP Parcel Shipping will automatically email recipients the tracking and parcel information for better customer service
  • This scalable solution offers the ability to add UPS®, FedEx® and DHL, providing the ability to compare shipping options across carriers in real time to select the best rate

7. Quadient IS-280

Best for Home Offices

IS-280 is a straightforward mailing solution that can help small businesses and home offices save money on postage.

This device makes it easy to process large volumes of mail quickly and efficiently without the need for complex or costly accessories.

The IS-280 is a good mailing solution to streamline your mailing operations if you need to regularly send out customer invoices, marketing materials or personal correspondence.

Quadient IS-280 Features that Stand Out

  • Save 4 cents on First-Class™ postage and access Commercial Base Pricing for USPS shipments
  • Integrated scale and standard rate wizard ensure accurate postal class selection and value
  • Easy to use control panel with shortcuts to speed up navigation
  • Customize your mail pieces with an image, logo or message using Neoslogan

8. Data-Pac

Best for Enterprise Solutions

DataPac has been a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for the mailing industry for over 35 years.

Their products are used by small businesses and commercial enterprises to automate their mail processing operations and are designed to operate in high production 24/7 environments.

Data-Pac Features that Stand Out

  • Batch-mail processing speeds in excess of 11,000 pieces-per-hour
  • Complete, multi-level accounting by account, job, and class, as well as user configurable sub-accounts for attorney-client matter
  • I70 lb. scale with shape-based measurement sensors and a built-in, non-dedicated computer for any other mail center applications
  • Full IMM including customs forms printing and commercial rate discounts on international mail
  • Prints 1x4 meter tapes and 4x6 shipping labels that use the commercial rate discount

9. Stamps.com

Best for Retailers

Stamps.com is a leading provider of Internet-based postage services that enables small businesses and online retailers to print U.S. Postal Service-approved postage with just a computer, printer and Internet connection.

With Stamps.com, you can print your own postage and shipping labels in seconds, reducing the time and hassle of mailing by eliminating trips to the post office.

Stamps.com Features that Stand Out

  • Special discounted rates available on all postage types
  • Automatically imports orders directly from online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Etsy
  • Address book feature lets you store addresses, phone numbers, and email information for everyone you ship to
  • Parcel tracking information automatically emailed to recipients
  • Batch processing allows you o print shipping labels for all your orders at once

10. PostageStation

Best 24/7 Online Postal Service

PostageStation is an online postage service that helps businesses save time and money.

It offers a variety of features, such as the ability to purchase and print postage online, shipping discounts, and the ability to manage shipments from a single account.

PostageStation is used by over 100,000 businesses and claims to have saved their clients millions of dollars in postage costs over the years.

PostageStation Features that Stand Out

  • Monitor, track and control your postal spend with an intuitive dashboard
  • Get postage when you need it with credits that are available at no additional charge
  • Rate wizard and an integrated scale ensure you get the right postage rate every time
  • Save money on ink and meter supplies when compared to the competition

11. PostageInk

Best for OEM Supplies

PostageInk is a great sourcing place for compatible and OEM supplies for Pitney Bowes mailing machines as well as Hasler, Neopost and PostBase Mini ink cartridges at competitive prices.

With over 10 years of experience in the mailing industry, they carry a full line of postage meters, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and ribbons for all Pitney Bowes machines.

All meter supplies are factory-tested and guaranteed to be fully compatible with the mailing systems and postage meters from original equipment manufacturers.

PostageInk Features that Stand Out

  • Wide range of mailing options
  • Shop from an extensive inventory including Hasler supplies, Neopost ink cartridges, Pitney Bowes supplies and FP mailing supplies
  • All products are USPS approved

What are the benefits of finding the best postage meter for a small business?

A postage meter can be a great asset for small businesses, whether you operate a brick-and-mortar or an online store that ships physical products, because it can help you save time and money on mailing costs by printing postage directly onto your parcel labels at scale.

Additionally, some postage meters allow you to track your parcels throughout their delivery journey, so you can stay on top of your shipments.

Postage meters can also help save you trips to the post office, as you can simply drop off your pre-addressed and stamped parcels in bulk at a designated postal location.

Finally, by selecting the best postage meter for small business from the above list you stand to reduce your mailing costs dramatically by getting access preferential commercial rates.

What to Do Next

If your business relies heavily on direct mail, then it’s worth considering investing in a postage meter.

Before purchasing one, however, be sure to do your research and read plenty of reviews to find the model or platform that's right for your business.

The above equipment and software are best in class and most vendors offer trial periods so you can assess if they suit your needs before you commit.

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