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“A strong digital strategy that works 24/7 is not just a must-have for your growth, it's also the best guard against unexpected business disruptions like the current pandemic”

From a revenue generation standpoint, the world is going through a seismic shift

While the pandemic has turbo-charged a massive transition to digital consumption as a matter of necessity, this shift is here to stay.

The transition to online commerce has been taking place for several years, albeit at a slower pace than now—so it’s always been a smart move for businesses to develop a solid digital strategy to generate revenue.

But the pandemic has accelerated the consumer migration to the digital ecosystem in a way nobody had foreseen.

So as things currently stand, the lack of a clear digital strategy that converts website visitors into revenue is no longer something that you just need to work on—it's becoming an existential threat.


“Amazon says it will keep most of the jobs it added during the coronavirus pandemic”—CNN Business

Clear evidence of this permanent shift is the announcement from Amazon that 70% of the 175,000 temporary staff they hired to cope with the COVID-19-related spike in customer orders will become permanent after the pandemic is over.

Amazon is a fiercely data-driven organization, and that’s what their internal data is telling them.

So, where’s your digital strategy today?

I’m here to help you speed up your own transition to digital revenue generation, which is not just about getting more traffic to your website but about getting traffic that converts into sales.

If you:

  • Have a low-traffic website that only brings in a small percentage of your overall revenue, I can help you turn that around into a website that generates most of your revenue.
  • Have a website that converts reasonably well but you’ve reached a ceiling in traffic, I can help you expand your traffic while keeping your conversion rate high.
  • Have a website that generates a lot of traffic but not a lot of sales, I can help you fix your conversion problem and turn your website into a revenue engine for your business.

Just enter your contact details and a brief description of where you are at today and where you want to go in the form below, and I’ll reach back to you promptly to schedule a free initial consultation via Zoom or Skype to see how I can help you achieve your goals:

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Marcelo Beilin is a Digital Marketing Consultant and blogger who helps clients take their traffic and online revenue to the next level.

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CEO, Cascadia Author Services

“Working with Marcelo has been an absolute pleasure. My company’s traffic rate has grown tremendously in the past year: impressions are up 722%, click-thru-rate has improved by 256% and clicks to the site have increased by 1,746%. I also receive frequent compliments on the quality and usefulness of the articles we’ve produced under Marcelo’s guidance.”

Founder and Publisher, 1964

“Working with Marcelo has expanded our magazine business model far beyond our original expectations. We are now a publishing company inside a tech company. Marcelo made the transition extremely easy, which allowed us to continue to focus on our product.”

President, Longevity Risk Management Corporation®

“Transitioning from novice to expert blogger is accomplished with speed, hands-on practice, and quality feedback with Marcelo's instruction. His excellent coaching and depth of expertise make his training program a joy to participate in. You clearly learn with great precision the factors involved in world-class blogging. Anyone looking to rapidly 'go to the head of the class' will benefit from his help.”