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“A strong content marketing strategy that works 24/7 for your business is not just a must-have to scale your growth, it's also the best guard against unexpected disruptions”

There Are 2 Cold Hard Truths on the Internet for SaaS and eCommerce Businesses:

1) Virtually nobody makes a purchasing decision without first doing a Google search

2) If you don’t appear on page one of Google search results, you don’t exist

I know the second one sounds a bit harsh, and you could argue you may choose to go to pages 2 or 3 if, say, you’re gathering information or doing research.

But the thing is, the vast majority of people never go beyond page one.

Why? Because most people are searching Google to find a solution to a problem, and there’s an extremely high likelyhood that they’ll find what they need on page one and end their search right there.

That’s why it’s relatively easy to rank on pages 2-5 but super hard to land on page one — and for a good reason: this is the page where over 95% of the money is made on the internet.

And that’s the page you need to be on day in and day out if you want to scale your revenue.

So, here’s the $64,000 question:

How can you climb to page one of Google when everybody else is trying to achieve the same goal as you?

By mastering Google's two most important search ranking factors:

1) Optimized content. Specifically, writing SEO-driven content that addresses both the needs of your target audience and the ranking requirements of the search algorithm

2) Backlinks (from authoritative sites). Specifically, building a large number of natural backlinks pointing to your content from high authority websites that Google holds in high regard

The Problem?

  1. It’s very hard to achieve item 1 above without having deep inside knowledge of Google's search algorithm (pro tip: reading their patents will give you a significant leg up over the competition!)
  2. It’s very hard to get backlinks from highly reputable sites without having longstanding pre-existing relationships

The Good News?

I have both, and can leverage them to help you accelerate your climb to the top of Google search rankings!

But first, here’s some hard evidence:

The charts below show the average position in Google search results over the past 6 months for the ten most popular keywords by search volume for clients who started out with next to no traffic when they originally hired my services:

(sorry, I had to blur out the actual keywords since they’re a key competitive advantage that I’m obviously not authorized to disclose)

Client 1:

Out of the top 10 keywords driving most of this client’s traffic, all are now appearing on the first page of Google search results. This includes two #1 spots, six #2 spots, and two #3 spots.

Client 2:

In spite of being in a more competitive niche, this client still managed to place all of their top 10 volume keywords on the first page of Google search results, claiming three #1 spots, two #2 spots, and four #3 spots.

Client 3:

This client landed all their 10 high volume keywords in positions 1-3 on the first page of search results, including two #1 spots, seven #2 spots, and one #3 spot.

Client 4:

This client managed to land 9 out of 10 high volume keywords on the first page of search results, with one #1 spot, two #2 spots, two #3 spots and three #4 spots. The remaining keyword landed on the top spot of the second page.

Client 5:

This client managed to land 8 out of 10 high volume keywords on the first page of search results, with two #1 spots and four #2 spots.

Client 6:

This client managed to land 9 out of their 10 top volume keywords on page 1, including a #1 position, with the tenth result on page 2.

It goes without saying that the more time that goes by, the better results my clients will get, since search ranking is a numbers game (i.e. the more content you publish with the right strategy and the more high-authority backlinks that point to it, the higher your position in search results.)

Now, let me show you what I can do to help you get these types of results for your SaaS or eCommerce business

I basically follow a bulletproof 5-step process I developed over a decade of work in digital marketing, first as a sales & marketing executive in several internet companies (some acquired by large public brands) and later as a consultant:


I’ll help you develop a customer avatar to identify the full demographic and psychographic profile of your target audience to find out how they interact with Google search, so we can drive them to your site at scale.


Before you can beat your online competition, we need to reverse engineer their entire content marketing strategy so you can identify and then take advantage of their search weaknesses in order to outrank them.

For this purpose, I use a set of advanced tools and proprietary techniques I’ve developed over the years to fully deconstruct the entire content marketing strategy of any website in any niche, down to the details of what works and what doesn't.


Armed with this information, I’ll discover the set of keywords that’ll give you the best chance of landing your site on the first page of Google search results.


If you don’t have writers on staff or on contract, I’ll then turn your winning keywords into great articles that solve solve the problems of your target audience and that are optimized for search engines.

If you employ writers, I’ll fully train them on my optimization strategies and systems so you can maximize the ROI of your existing content creation spend.


Finally, I’ll use my extensive link building network to drive natural and relevant backlinks to your content from high-authority websites (DR 60-DR 90) — note that all backlinking is 100% white-hat with zero sponsored or paid links.

DR (domain rating) is a popular measure of a site's authority, with 100 representing the most authoritative sites on the internet.

Here's a partial list of high-authority websites I contribute to, with links to some of my articles so you can see samples of my writing and backlinks:

Depending on your goals, needs and budget, I can work as an extension of your in-house content team and share the workload, I can coach and train your staff, or I can take entire tasks off your plate if you prefer to outsource some of your content marketing work.

If you’d like to set up a free 20 minute exploratory call, leave your details below and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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Marcelo Beilin is a Digital Marketing Consultant and blogger who helps clients take their traffic and online revenue to the next level.

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What They Say...

CEO, Cascadia Author Services

“Working with Marcelo has been an absolute pleasure. My company’s traffic rate has grown tremendously in the past year: impressions are up 722%, click-thru-rate has improved by 256% and clicks to the site have increased by 1,746%. I also receive frequent compliments on the quality and usefulness of the articles we’ve produced under Marcelo’s guidance.”

Founder and Publisher, 1964

“Working with Marcelo has expanded our magazine business model far beyond our original expectations. We are now a publishing company inside a tech company. Marcelo made the transition extremely easy, which allowed us to continue to focus on our product.”

President, Longevity Risk Management Corporation®

“Transitioning from novice to expert blogger is accomplished with speed, hands-on practice, and quality feedback with Marcelo's instruction. His excellent coaching and depth of expertise make his training program a joy to participate in. You clearly learn with great precision the factors involved in world-class blogging. Anyone looking to rapidly 'go to the head of the class' will benefit from his help.”