9+ Best OCR Software for Mac of 2024 (Ranked & Reviewed)


Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Feb 3, 2024 )

In this article you'll find the 9+ best OCR software for the Mac, fully ranked and reviewed plus recommendations to find out which one is best suited to your needs.

But first, here are our editor's top 7 OCR software tools for the Mac:

Top 7 OCR Software Tools for the Mac

Like most people, you probably have a lot of important documents lying around your office or home that are very time consuming to manually search through.

OCR software makes it simple and easy to archive them as fully searchable digital files for easy storage and data access.

Now, there are many OCR software programs in the market, yet not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others when it comes to accuracy, speed and ease of use.


Consistently returns accurate and clean data in a highly structured format.

OCR Kit logo

Converts scanned or printed documents into searchable and editable text.

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Improves data efficiency with OCR technology that learns the more it processes data.

Disclosure: Although I receive affiliate compensation at no additional cost to you to support this site that compensation in no way influences my recommendations, which are strictly informed by my 10+ years of online business experience consulting for clients large and small. My aim is to always recommend tools that offer the best return for your investment (for more details, read my Affiliate Disclosure). 

What is the Best OCR Software for the Mac?

Best Overall:


Ocrolus is a computer vision company that uses OCR to extract and structure data. Ocrolus processes documents with over 99% accuracy thanks to its human-in-the-loop approach to document capture.

The system selects the OCR tool that results in the highest raw accuracy and then layers in proprietary pattern recognition and machine learning models.

Data fields that cannot be automatically confirmed are then routed through a unique machine and human quality control workflow. This approach ensures that Ocrolus can always provide highly accurate data.

Ocrolus Features that Stand Out

  • Returns accurate and clean data in a highly structured format, regardless of the original document source or quality during document capture
  • Evaluates each submitted document for signs of tampering and inconsistency, flagging edits that were made subsequent to the document’s creation and highlighting areas where changes have occurred
  • Provides high-quality capture for all formats of data, including paper documents and digital sources

Best for Simplicity:


OCRKit is a powerful Mac application that allows you to convert scanned or printed documents into searchable and editable text.

It works particularly well with PDF documents received via e-mail or created by DTP applications. You can also add text recognition and compression to your scans, contracts, invoices and paper receipts.

OCRKit Features that Stand Out

  • There are no limits to the number of pages of the PDF or TIFF documents you can run through the system. There are also no limits to the number of pages that can be processed each day
  • Automatic rotation determines the orientation of each scanned sheet automatically, therefore avoiding the need to manually pre-sort a stack before you scan
  • OCRKit includes AppleScript support, so professional users can use it for programmed batch conversion
  • Transparently detects the document language and switches to the appropriate alphabet and dictionary for each page of the document

Best for Business:


Docuphase is an OCR-based business process automation software for the Mac that helps your business digitize its operations.

With it, you can quickly extract data from incoming documents, reducing the risk of human error.

It also comes with a web form builder that lets you replace paper forms with digital versions, making data collection and storage more efficient.

And with advanced search and accessibility features, Docuphase keeps your documents secure and accessible when and where you need them.

DocuPhase Features that Stand Out

  • Improves data efficiency with OCR technology that learns the more it processes data
  • Ensures the validity of invoice line items with configurable settings and parameters that let you choose what data to capture
  • Pairs OCR with a document management system to instantly grant the rest of your team quick access to newly captured files
  • Ties into your accounting or HR systems with integrations to Dynamics GP, NAV, AX, NetSuite, and more
  • Easy-to-use API that's configurable to your specific business processes

4. Adobe Acrobat

Best OCR for Individuals

Adobe Acrobat OCR lets you edit your scanned documents. It works as a text converter, automatically extracting text from any scanned paper document or image file and converting it to editable text in a PDF.

It can recognize text and its formatting, so your new PDF will match your original paper data source. Ideal for digitizing legal documents, invoices, bank checks, receipts, articles or business cards.

Adobe Acrobat Features that Stand Out

  • Cut and paste or export to a Microsoft Word document, other Office files or a plain text file
  • Preserve the exact look and feel of your documents and restrict editing capabilities by saving them as smart PDFs that include text you can search and copy
  • Merge multiple files into one PDF document
  • Use the onscreen preview of your scanned PDF to fix text errors. You can also edit PDFs further if needed with Acrobat editing tools
  • Get a fully-editable PDF with fonts that match your printout

5. Prizmo

Best OCR for Advanced Editing

Prizmo is an OCR software for the Mac that can help you turn scanned paper documents into clean, legible text that you can copy and paste or edit.

In addition, Prizmo's text-to-speech feature allows you to read your scanned documents out loud and Prizmo's translation tool can help you convert scanned documents into 59 languages.

Prizmo Features that Stand Out

  • Extract text from a paper document using Prizmo's OCR engine. The recognized text can be shared, translated, or read aloud using Text-to-speech technology
  • If a paragraph was not recognized, you can add it on the document, and Prizmo will automatically process OCR on the newly added region. You can also delete unwanted regions
  • Features deep neural networks-based OCR as well as cloud-based translation that are highly accurate
  • Allows continuous editing of extracted documents across Mac, iPhone, and iPad. iCloud documents are immediately propagated on all your devices
  • Image cleanup preserves text quality while improving overall image quality, both in black and white and color modes

6. PDF Reader Pro

Best OCR for Document Management

Pdf Reader PRO can read, edit, annotate, convert and sign PDFs across many devices, including Macs, iPads and iPhones as well as Android and Windows devices.

It also offers conversion tools so you can turn PDFs into Word or Excel files, plus it allows you to sign documents electronically without having to print them out first.

PDF Reader Pro Features that Stand Out

  • Split view helps you handle two tasks simultaneously without scrolling pages
  • Annotate and mark up PDFs using a complete set of commenting tools
  • Accurate PDF to .docx, .pptx and .xlsx file type conversion, keeping fonts and layouts intact, including bullets and tables
  • Turn scanned documents and images into fully editable, selectable and searchable PDFs in over 50 languages at 99% accuracy
  • Organize and rearrange pages with the PDF page organizer. Insert, extract, replace, rotate, reverse, copy or delete pages
  • Split one PDF file into multiple files or combine multiple files into a single PDF

7. Netdocuments

Best OCR for Storing, Sharing & Collaboration

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document management system that enables you to store, share, and collaborate on documents from any device or computer.

It uses OCR to speed up your document searches by digitizing and indexing entire documents and images.

OCR automatically reviews content added to the NetDocuments database to locate non-searchable images and documents (e.g. PDFs), analyzes the content, and then digitizes the documents to ensure they're fully searchable and indexed.

Netdocuments Features that Stand Out

  • Automatically reviews content to locate non-searchable images and documents
  • Monitors new documents automatically for conversion
  • Scans backlogs of legacy documents and converts them over time based on priority order
  • Compresses file sizes on OCR completion to ensure that all documents can be viewed and downloaded over any network connection
  • Corrects font size problems and pixel corrects text over images to prevent lost text or characters

8. Iris

Best OCR for Text to Audio Conversion

Iris allows you to OCR PDF documents in a more efficient way, allowing you to compose, edit, annotate, split, sort, amend, compress e-sign and share your single or multiple PDF files.

It can also convert your text files into audio files so you can listen to them on any device, tablet, smartphone or computer.

Iris Features that Stand Out

  • Recover text from multiple file types preserving the original format
  • Provides textual annotation as well as verbal commenting tools
  • Add watermarks to your final documents on a page by page level
  • Allows full PDF editing, including cross-outs, underlines and highlighting

9. ABBYY Finereader PDF

Best AI Assisted OCR

ABBYY FineReader PDF converts, edits, shares and collaborates on PDF documents and scans using AI technology, allowing you to integrate scanned documents into your digital workflows.

It also allows you to save storage space by reducing the file size of processed PDFs by up to 20 times with mixed raster content (MRC) compression.

ABBYY Finereader PDF Features that Stand Out

  • Turns paper documents, scans, and scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs so you can quickly retrieve documents from digital archives
  • Converts your paper and scanned documents into editable files in Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice Writer and other common formats. OCR and document-conversion technologies ensure high accuracy, maintaining layout and structure
  • Creates PDFs directly from within Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  • Identifies differences between two versions of a document across different formats, including scans

10. Veryfi

Best OCR for Mobile Apps

Veryfi is a mobile app and API that turns unstructured documents into structured data in seconds, harnessing the power of OCR APIs and mobile SDKs to quickly and easily capture, extract, categorize and transform your bills, invoices and receipts into standardized JSON with Level 3 data.

It can be used by developers and companies who want to build their own apps for expense management, bill payment, bookkeeping automation and business intelligence.

Veryfi Features that Stand Out

  • Automatically scans and itemizes receipts for expense tracking and reimbursement.
  • Captures and extracts data from purchase orders and reconciles it against transactions
  • Extracts SKU line-items from retail receipts so you can understand consumer spend across vendors

What are the benefits of using OCR software?

There are many benefits of using OCR software. Perhaps the most obvious one is that it can save you vast amounts of time searching for information. Paper documents are notoriously inefficient for searches.

This is particularly painful when you have a large volume of documents to process for data entry, such as invoices, receipts, work orders, purchase orders, etc.

By converting paper documents into fully searchable digital files, you can then use the extracted data as input onto other downstream digital systems in your organization, such as your accounting software, ERP software, etc.

Avoiding transcription mistakes

Another big benefit of OCR software is that it can help you avoid mistakes. If you were to transcribe a paper document by hand, there would be a much higher chance of making errors.

Also, OCR software can help you preserve the original formatting of your documents. This is important if you need to maintain the look and feel of the scanned information for further digital processing.

Finally, OCR software can be a big help if you're trying to go paperless. By scanning your documents at scale and converting them into searchable files, you can digitize your entire business lowering your operating costs.

What to Do Next

When it comes to choosing the best OCR software for Mac, there are many use cases to consider, from OCRing receipts and invoices for your accounting software to OCRing legal documents for your firm's electronic database.

Depending on your needs, there are plenty of high-accuracy tools on this list that you can test out for fit. Most of them offer either free trials or a money back guarantee.

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