13 Best Fleet Management Software of 2024 (Ranked)


Marcelo Beilin  (Updated Feb 3, 2024 )

In this article you'll find the 13 best fleet management software, fully ranked and reviewed plus recommendations to find out which one is best suited to your needs.

But first, here are our editor's top 7 fleet management software tools of 2023:

Top 7 Fleet Management Software Tools

Having the best fleet management software at your disposal is essential if your businesses has a large number of vehicles to manage.

By tracking drivers and vehicles, these tools can help reduce your costs dramatically and improve overall operating efficiency.

While there are many systems out there with a wide range of features to choose from, the best ones will offer things like scheduled maintenance and parts inventory, real-time location tracking and document storage.

These features can help you keep track of your vehicles and drivers and make sure your fleet is always running smoothly with little to no wasted resources, such as time and fuel.

When choosing fleet management software, you'll find that some systems are a lot more comprehensive than others, but they also cost more to run, so it's important to strike the right balance between your needs and your budget.


Reduce fuel costs, vehicle insurance, truck maintenance and more.


Manage dispatch and optimize driver workflow with a powerful tracking solution.


Automate fleet operation tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.

Disclosure: Although I receive affiliate compensation at no additional cost to you to support this site that compensation in no way influences my recommendations, which are strictly informed by my 10+ years of online business experience consulting for clients large and small. My aim is to always recommend tools that offer the best return for your investment (for more details, read my Affiliate Disclosure). 

What is the Best Fleet Management Software?

Best Overall:


Teletrac is a cutting-edge platform that delivers real-time data, visibility, and impact for your fleet operation.

It's used primarily by:

  • Trucking and transport companies to manage hours of service and ensure safety and meet delivery schedules
  • Construction companies to manage all of their assets and keep job sites working at full capacity
  • Retail & manufacturing companies to get their product delivered on time and improve fleet efficiency
  • Service & trades companies to maximize field service productivity
  • Government and public sector organizations to use a secure platform that improves safety and cuts running costs.

With Teletrac, you'll be able to stay on top of everything from fuel consumption to maintenance costs, minimize downtime and improve overall efficiency.

Teletrac Features that Stand Out

  • See fleet activity in real time and ensure that your mobile resources are safe and working effectively via drone-view location monitoring, geofence activity measurement and smart dash cams
  • Use telematics to make the driver’s jobs easier
  • Reduce fuel costs, vehicle insurance, truck maintenance and more
  • Increase long-term profits by improving routing, fully utilizing load capacity and reducing insurance premiums
  • Meet the ELD, IFTA and DVIR requirements of your business with key insights into what is happening with your trucks at any moment
  • View traffic events, such as speeding, distracted and drowsy driving, stop-sign and red-light violations, tailgating, etc.

Best All-in-One:


Motive is a technology company that builds products to connect and automate physical operations. Their products are designed to improve the safety, productivity and profitability of businesses with large fleets.

Their platform connects vehicles, equipment, and facilities to the cloud, bringing your physical operations online to prevent accidents and protect your drivers.

Motive Features that Stand Out

  • Prevent accidents and protect your drivers with Motive’s AI Dashcam and automated driver coaching
  • Reduce risk and simplify complex regulations with compliance tools that automate driver routines
  • Get real-time visibility into the location, utilization and health of your vehicles, equipment and assets through the use of telematics
  • Manage dispatch and optimize driver workflow
  • Save on fuel and reduce carbon emissions with AI-driven fuel insights

Best Cloud-Based:


Fleetio is a cloud-based platform designed to help you manage your fleet maintenance tasks and keep your vehicles and equipment running smoothly.

It eliminates the need for spreadsheets, allowing you to automate fleet operations and track every detail surrounding your fleet.

Fleetio enables users to automate routine workflows, get notified of unexpected issues and increase uptime. It also provides detailed data in real time, ensuring safety and compliance for your fleet.

Fleetio Features that Stand Out

  • Track all of your fleet data in one place, including license and registration renewal reminders, warranty info, loan/lease data, telematics data, group/location and important documents
  • Pull in over 90 vehicle specs automatically using Fleetio's VIN decoder
  • Schedule and assign assets to drivers while gaining visibility into which ones are being underutilized. Then adjust schedules as needed or get rid of underutilized assets to reduce costs
  • Fleetio keeps a record of every activity related to each asset, including track assignment and location history, in-house and outsourced maintenance activities and fuel and expense transactions, all without the need for spreadsheets
  • Report on all expenses and operating costs to see a full financial picture of vehicle ownership and to ensure your assets remain profitable
  • Track the cost of each vehicle in real-time so you can properly respond to changing market conditions and unpredictable wear and tear
  • Identify trends and gain better insight into your spend by tracking fleet expenses such as loan and lease payments, oil changes and scheduled maintenance, tolls and parking violations

4. Whip Around

Best Fleet Management Software for Ease of Use

Whip Around is an intuitive and easy-to-use inspections and maintenance tool that enables you to more effectively and efficiently complete vehicle and asset inspections.

You can eliminate your reliance on paper inspections, save money on your maintenance, save time for your drivers, save your SMS scores and ensure compliance with regulations.

Whip Around Features that Stand Out

  • Receive alerts when defects and issues are identified by your drivers. Assign work to mechanics and manage it through to completion
  • Quickly search, export and track vehicle maintenance and compliance history digitally without having to depend on paper documents
  • Convert your current paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. The forms library and drag and drop template builder make it simple to create customized forms for any industry or asset type
  • Improve inspection quality from a smartphone or tablet. Whip Around electronic inspection reports are accessible anywhere, even in areas without an internet connection
  • Be alerted in real time when drivers record a fault and take corrective action while you are on the go with the mobile app. Assign faults to internal mechanics or external vendors and capture electronic signatures and time stamps for DVIR compliance

5. Samsara

Best Video-Based Fleet Management Software

Samsara uses video technology powered by AI to connect your operations, making it easier to track your equipment, reduce fuel costs, and protect your staff.

Gain real-time visibility across all of your production facilities, remote assets, fleets and end-customer services and unify your data between maintenance, logistics, sales, accounting and HR.

Samsara Features that Stand Out

  • Use video technology powered by AI to protect your drivers and other staff. Capture and address safety risks in real-time across your operations
  • Instantly review collisions, near-misses, distracted driving and more, with HD footage uploaded to the cloud and tagged with behaviors within minutes of an event occurring, providing you with context
  • Optimize your field services with real-time vehicle locations, prevent breakdowns by monitoring engine diagnostics and fault codes and cut costs by reducing idle time
  • The Samsara driver app provides guided workflows and real-time updates so drivers can minimize guesswork, reduce manual form entry, and stay connected to dispatch at all times

6. Onfleet

Best Fleet Management Software for Last Mile

Onfleet is a last mile delivery solution that can help you scale operations and boost efficiency. Its advanced planning software can optimize routes based on location, delivery type, order size and traffic conditions.

Its automatic SMS notifications, accurate ETAs, real-time driver tracking, proof-of-delivery and feedback collection tools ensure every delivery is optimal as you keep in touch with your drivers at all times.

Onfleet Subscriptions Features that Stand Out

  • Reduce service time and labor costs by sending the right driver at the right time
  • Communicate with your entire team inside a private, secure chat platform without having to rely on public apps
  • Stay proactive with accurate predictive arrival times and real-time alerts powered by machine learning
  • Visualize success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance traveled and more. Segment data by teams, drivers, day, week, and even hour of the day

7. Trimble

Best Fleet Management Software for Large Fleets

Trimble Transportation enables you to identify freight needs to pick up new loads, reduce empty miles and increase profitability for your business.

Drivers are connected to back office via in-cab solutions that improve their safety, efficiency and job satisfaction. Equipment stays out of the shop with in-depth vehicle analytics and maintenance solutions.

Streamline shop operations, keep your trucks on the road and boost company profits via intuitive maintenance software.

Pinpoint your loads in real time on a digital map and get ETA information with accurate shipment tracking apps.

Trimble Features that Stand Out

  • View and manage the entire supply chain for your carrier, broker or shipping business with industry-leading solutions
  • Streamline shop operations, keep your trucks on the road and boost company profits via intuitive maintenance software
  • Get your loads where they need to be using in-cab navigation and route optimization tools built specifically for truckers
  • Prioritize driver safety and compliance and minimize road incidents with a host of oversight and detailed data solutions

8. AUTOsist

Best Fleet Management Software for Fleet Maintenance

Autosist is a fleet management solution that helps you keep track of parts and inventory, assign drivers to specific vehicles, track miles or hours for your units, track completed maintenance with receipt and document upload and track your fill ups and costs for fuel.

You can also differentiate business from personal expenses, manage miscellaneous documents such as registration, insurance and warranty information and keep track of monthly or annual spending on maintenance and service.

AUTOsist Features that Stand Out

  • Track completed maintenance with receipt and document upload
  • Track your fill ups and costs for fuel and miles or hours for your units differentiating business from personal use
  • Build custom checklists with notifications for items marked not in proper working order
  • Track parts and keep inventory counts. Get alerts when things are running low in your stock
  • Manage miscellaneous documents such as registration, insurance, warranty and more
  • Get push notifications and email reminders by date and/or odometer
  • Assign drivers to specific vehicles with permission control
  • See monthly/annual spending on maintenance, service and more

9. J.J. Keller

Best Fleet Management Software for Regulatory Compliance

J. J. Keller is a leading provider of compliance solutions for fleets of all sizes. Their fleet management system provides drivers with an online dashboard that verifies regulatory compliance, offers alerts for violations and notifies users of pending or expired paperwork.

Its Encompass fleet management system makes it quick to share data with your drivers and J. J. Keller's in-house team of compliance experts ensures that it's always up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes.

J.J. Keller Features that Stand Out

  • Verify your fleet's compliance in real time with the online dashboard, receive alerts for violations, and notifications of pending or expired paperwork
  • Automate your workflow for driver qualification, hours of service, recruiting, vehicle maintenance and accident tracking
  • Quickly and easily share data with the drivers you choose
  • Encompass is always current with regulatory requirements thanks to ongoing monitoring by J. J. Keller's team of compliance experts

10. WorkWave

Best Fleet Management Software for Operational Efficiency

WorkWave helps fleet and delivery businesses serve more customers, drive operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

It's Route Manager tool optimizes delivery routes increasing your profitability by reducing operational costs. It also generates more revenue by freeing up time for more daily driver stops and it improves logistical operations through increased efficiency.

WorkWave Features that Stand Out

  • Equip your workforce to track and optimize routes in real time as changes occur, allowing them to complete the jobs on-time
  • Connect directly to any existing order generating or back office system and have the ability to build and update routes as soon as an order is placed from a customer portal
  • Automatically dispatch daily truck routes to your employees’ smartphones and reduce the need for paper printouts or manual entry into a GPS device
  • Use the Route Manager 360 app to keep track of operations and visualize the day’s progressions by instantly receiving an update when a driver arrives or departs from a stop
  • Stay connected to your drivers throughout the day. Follow the progress of routes to make real-time changes and improve communication

11. Tracx TMS

Best Fleet Management Software for Dispatch Management

Tracx TMS is a trucking dispatch management software that helps you manage all your transportation needs, allowing you to add functionality only when it's required.

By providing insight into all aspects of your trucking business, Tracx TMS can help you make informed decisions and grow your company.

Tracx Features that Stand Out

  • Manage and track multiple locations of dispatch with Tracx's intuitive and user friendly trucking management system
  • Visually track and manage trips and loads with the monthly dispatch calendar. This helps maximize efficiency for your trucks and delivery schedules
  • Get a top-level view of all loads and their statuses with load boards. Track the progress of loads and whether they're delivered or not by viewing the load board
  • Once your quote is completed and accepted by your customer, you can convert it into a load at any time easily by using conversion functions
  • Create all the documents you need for dispatch, including customer confirmation documents, driver carrier documents and the bill of lading
  • Plan your loads and stops with Trax's map tracking quoting tool. This will allow you to provide an optimized route and preferred rate per mile for easy customer quoting
  • Save time by not having to recreate loads multiple times with the use of the load cloning feature

12. Dossier

Best Fleet Management Software for Cost Containment

Dossier fleet management software is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fleet assets, allowing you to manage your equipment, employees and resources in real time.

The Dossier dashboard allows you to monitor costs, consumption, mpg and efficiency trends.

Based on historical data and benchmarks you create, you'll have the ability to identify units and drivers with poor fuel efficiency so you can take action to contain costs.

Dossier Features that Stand Out

  • The virtual fleet assistant provides you with real-time fleet tracking information including due or overdue PM services or inspections, work pending, employee driver licenses, physicals or other admin items needing attention, equipment with licenses and permits or other scheduled admin items needing renewal
  • Instant Recall Maintenance History helps to identify and reduce rework, increase warranty recapture dollars, identify high-cost units and support equipment life cycle replacement decisions based on costs or utilizations
  • Tracks any person associated with your fleet operations, from their files, records and photos, to ongoing data related to productivity, repair history and costs, CDL license and physician exam renewals
  • Keep your fleet in compliance with DOT and OSHA regulations and eliminate fines by automatically scheduling driver license renewals, CDL certificates and physicals and tracking mechanic certifications

13. RoseRocket

Best Fleet Management Software for Automation

RoseRocket is a transportation management platform that can integrate with systems you currently use to run your operations through EDIs, APIs, or webhooks.

It brings real-time track and trace information from your drivers or partner carriers right to your customers giving you on-demand visibility into your freight.

RoseRocket gives drivers a mobile app where they can see stops, get e-signatures, message dispatch, scan documents and upload pictures that go right into your transportation management solution.

RoseRocket Features that Stand Out

  • Create, manage, and filter every order
  • Reconcile driver pay with load data fuel cards
  • See real-time location, last known location, or send ETAs
  • Handle LTL, FTL, single stop or multi-stop deliveries
  • See real-time profitability in every order and movement
  • Create and manage shifts from a calendar view
  • Plan orders and drivers from a map-based view
  • Manage, consolidate, export, or send every invoice and bill

What are the benefits of fleet management software?

There are many benefits to using fleet management software (FMS). By tracking and optimizing the use of your assets, FMS can help your fleet business save money and improve efficiency.

An important part of an FMS is the ability to track your vehicles in real time using GPS. This allows businesses to see where their vehicles are at all times and monitor activities such as speed, mileage, fuel usage, and idling, among many others.

This information can be used to optimize routes, plan maintenance schedules and mitigate theft or unauthorized usage.

Another benefit of FMS is the ability to automate tasks that would otherwise be completed manually. For example, businesses can use FMS to automatically generate reports on fuel usage or vehicle maintenance needs.

This can save you time and effort and help you make much better and timely decisions about the operation of your fleet.

How to choose the right fleet management software for your business?

When looking for fleet management software, it's important to consider the specific needs of your business. Some key factors to take into account include:

  • Size and scope of your fleet
  • Number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Type of vehicles in your fleet
  • Size of your workforce
  • Kind of data you need tracked and reported
  • Type of reports you need to generate

Once you've identified the features that are most important to you, research different software solutions and compare pricing.

What to Do Next

Fleet management software platforms offer an efficient and cost-effective way to manage and optimize the deployment and use of vehicular assets.

By tracking your vehicles in real-time and automating tasks and reports, FMS platforms can reduce unnecessary costs and save you time and money.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your fleet management operations, consider testing out the above fleet management solutions.

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